Kitchen cabinet hardware RIVA - unique product innovation!

  • 10 sizes
  • 23 colors
  • 5 edge decors
  • individual edgings possible
  • individual borehole distance possible
  • mounting material included

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RIVA - design your own kitchen cabinet hardware in countless variations!

The kitchen cabinet hardware model RIVA are furniture handles that have several unique product properties. With this model, 3 very different materials merge into one: leather, multiplex wood and all types of furniture edges!
In contrast to the materials aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and plastic, which are mainly used for furniture handles, over 90% of the RIVA model is made from the renewable wood material MULTIPLEX. These plates are dimensionally stable like metal, light as plastic, and 100% recyclable. For the covering of the handle, we use the highest quality nappa leather, as is also used in other renowned luxury goods. This fine leather creates an incomparably pleasant, warm feeling.

Because of the milled recess on both surfaces, the kitchen cabinet hardware is very ergonomic, so that large and heavy doors can be opened comfortably. We see the RIVA model series primarily and ideally as kitchen handles because of its resistance, size selection and shallow depth. Of course, you can also refine your cabinets, dressersEinzig and drawers and stylishly embellish any interior.

Kitchen cabinet hardware RIVA - Unique product innovation:
The design of these kitchen cabinet hardware impresses with yet another property. The side edges of the handles are finished with a 1mm thin laminate. As standard, we offer 5 metal optics that have a surface made of real aluminum. Further variants will be added soon. What is unique, however, is that we can produce the RIVA model with every conceivable edge design - and there are countless variations of it. Combine with favorite leather color. We can produce your individually designed handles for you from just 1 piece!

Other sizes and variable borehole distances:
Since the basic shape of the different handle variants is produced by hand in our factory, the possibilities with regard to sizes are almost unlimited. On request, we manufacture these kitchen handles up to 25" / 60cm long and with bore hole spacing of your choice. For example, it is possible to manufacture the handle with the exact same width as your kitchen cabinets so that the side edges are homogeneous.
Our RIVA kitchen handles can be used for any existing hole spacing. You can retrofit this handle to any existing furniture without having to drill new holes in the fronts. If you want an individual distance, just let us know when ordering. We will then mark the holes according to your specifications at no extra charge. This also makes this handle incredibly flexible and practical to use.

This is a unique product worldwide, developed and produced by minimaro - luxury furniture handles.


Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Series RIVA