MILANO MINI - Bar handles made of fine leather with countless designs

  • 5 sizes
  • 26 colors
  • 4 edge decors
  • individual edgings possible
  • individual borehole distance possible
  • mounting material included

Color samples for handle series CAPRI, RIVA und VERONA
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Leather sample set for Series RIVA, FIRENZE, MONACO and VERONA
Leather sample set for Series:
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We manufacture the innovative RIVA-MINI bar handles with fine leather in countless designs

Bar handles are ideal for use on drawers, cupboard doors or kitchens. Their simple design fits into any ambience. Whether for the completion of self-made pieces of furniture or for upgrading and remodeling existing furnishings or kitchens, these bar handles are a good choice!

Our innovative RIVA-MINI bar handles are highly convertible and stylishly upgrade any piece of furniture. The fine nappa leather is available in 25 different leather colors and has an exceptionally fine and warm feel. We refine the side edges of the handles with decors, which are available in 5 different versions as standard. But that's not all! On request, we can manufacture your RIVA bar handles with the edge decor of your choice. In our factory we can apply almost any laminate for the edges, and there are thousands of them that you can provide us with. Specifically, this means that the grip edges can have the same surface as the furniture front. Or would you like to design your kitchen handles to match your worktop? There are no limits to the possibilities.

We manufacture the model RIVA by hand in 5 standard sizes. If you need different borehole distances, we would be happy to set the boreholes free of charge according to your specifications.


Bar Handles Series RIVA-MINI