Leather Cabinet Pulls with hand-stitched decorative seams - MILANO-PRESTIGE

  • 6 sizes
  • 59 colors
  • 7 seam colors
  • also available in vintage and nubuck leather
  • mounting material included

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The leather cabinet pulls MILANO-PRESTIGE an exclusive eye catcher for your furniture

These exclusive cabinet handles will turn your furniture front into an eye-catcher. They are both visually and haptically quite exceptional accessories. The fine leather gives a velvety soft feel to each handle. The two decorative seams either contrast with the cabinet handles or blend in homogeneously in terms of color.

The furniture handles MILANO-PRESTIGE are robust and easy to clean. They are handcrafted from premium materials in our Bavarian manufactory. They easily withstand high demands and also refine in the commercial sector, e.g. hotels or office furnishings. In addition, these cabinet handles do not have hard butt edges and are therefore perfect for children's rooms, narrow hallways or bedrooms.

MILANO-PRESTIGE is screwed to existing handle holes like any common furniture handle, and thus can also be easily and quickly replaced with an old furniture handle.
The idea for our MILANO handle series was to design a leather handle shaped like a leather loop, but with no visible fasteners to interfere with its appearance.

Leather cabinet handles MILANO-PRESTIGE will turn your piece of furniture into something special. They are manufactured in 6 sizes and 60 leather colors in our Bavarian manufactory. Also, choose the stitching color for this special accessory and create your very own cabinet handles from over 2000 different variations.

For urgent orders we keep some variants in stock. You will find them under the article name MILANO-PRESTIGE Express.

Leather Cabinet Pulls MILANO-PRESTIGE with hand-stitched decorative seams.