Leather Pulls handcrafted with finest leather - SOHO -

  • 11 sizes
  • 60+ colors
  • also available in vintage and nubuck leather
  • optional customer leather, imitation leather or other materials possible
  • individual edge design possible
  • individual dimensions and drill hole distances possible
  • mounting material included

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Leather Pulls SOHO - puristic, timeless and elegant!

Like all our leather pulls, we manufacture the model SOHO in our Bavarian manufactory in craftsmanship quality.
The fine leather encases the sturdy aluminum base and closes flush with the handle edge on the side. The silver aluminum edges are finely polished.
For an additional charge, we manufacture the side edges of the furniture handles with edges in brass or copper look or matte black. Individual edges are also possible. In this way, the handles can be optimally matched to your other furnishings.

We are happy to introduce individual drill hole spacing into the mounting bases. You can thus also attach a long handle to existing drill holes with a small distance and upgrade your furniture. On request, we also manufacture SOHO in other dimensions or oversizes.

This leather pulls is handcrafted with finest leather and has a uniquely pleasant feel. It is ideally suited for large and heavy doors and withstands high mechanical loads permanently.

Choose from countless leather colors and 11 different dimensions the optimal fitting leather pull handle for your ambience.
Whether as a small furniture knob or a dominant handle bar, SOHO stylishly enhances any furniture.

This handle is already an iconic classic and will give you years of pleasure!

Leather pulls SOHO in different sizes and edge designs

Leather pulls in brown, handmade by minimaroLeather Pulls SOHO with different edge finishesLeather Pulls SOHO in black with different edge designs