Designer cabinet hardware made of the finest nappa leather

  • 4 sizes
  • 49 colors
  • optionally with stitching
  • also available in nubuck and vintage leather
  • mounting material included

Fadenproben für Ledergriffe mit Ziernaht
1,50 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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These designer cabinet hardware made of the finest nappa leather have an incomparably supple feel.

These designer cabinet hardware made of fine nappa leather convince with an incomparably supple feel. The fine Nappaleders is processed in our manufactory in German manual work with high quality claim. Only through this interplay of raw material and craftsmanship quality can such exclusive bow handles be created.

FIRENZE handles are screwed like common handles to existing handle holes, and can therefore also be easily and quickly replaced with your old handles. 

These furniture handles are available in a wide range of leather colors. Choose from soft nappa leather, exclusive suede or vintage leather variants to create your personal bow handles. In addition, we offer the FIRENZE-PRESTIGE variant with hand-sewn decorative stitching, the color of which you can also choose.

Sturdy metal sleeves are incorporated into the intermediate layers of saddler leather in such a way that these bow handles can be screwed on like usual standard handles without any fasteners being visible on the visible surface.

Noble designer cabinet hardware made of luxury nappa leather​ - FIRENZE