Recessed handles for edges and mirrors - KENT

  • 10 sizes
  • 30 colors
  • 5 types of inner bars
  • mounting material included

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KENT - Recessed handles with leather for front edges and mirrors

The recessed handle KENT is specially designed for attachment to front edges. Drill holes in the furniture face are therefore unnecessary. This handle is applied to the edge of the furniture and has been designed to be particularly flat (single leather thickness of approx. 2mm / 0.08").
This has the advantage that it can be mounted on most drawers and furniture fronts without having to mill a recess in the furniture. All you need is a gap width of at least 2.5mm / 0.1".

Because of its unique design, Kent is also ideal for retrofitting mirrored doors.

The straight-lined, timeless design suits any furnishing style and has an unobtrusive but special effect. 

We manufacture the recessed handle KENT in many variations of leather colors, sizes and inner rods. Matching the decorative rods, which we manufacture in brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum or black lacquered aluminum, we already supply the necessary mounting material.

For the recessed handles KENT we use only the highest quality leather. The sturdy blank leather comes from renowned tanneries in Italy or Germany. It is extremely robust and requires no maintenance.
In addition, we also make these handles from the popular vintage leathers. These leathers develop a deliberate patina that becomes more or less pronounced depending on the amount of use.

Choose the perfect furniture handle for your piece of furniture, which we produce for you by hand in our manufactory.

You can find another edge handle under the name VERONA.

Recessed Handles KENT