Leather Drawer Pulls - handmade in Germany - MILANO-PURE

  • 6 sizes
  • 59 colors
  • also available in nubuck and vintage leather
  • mounting material included

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The leather drawer pulls MILANO-PURE are the puristic model of the series MILANO.

The idea for our MILANO handle series was to create leather pulls in the shape of an archaic leather loop but can be mounted without any visible hardware or screws. The result of our intensive research and product development generated exclusive leather drawer pulls in puristic design, they are available in five different sizes and a large assortment of colors to choose from.

Leather drawer pulls MILANO-PURE made of luxury leather will enhance any piece of furniture. On a cabinet, a kitchen front or a drawer. These handles refine with your unique design and the noble leather every furnishing. The warm and soft leather impresses with its particularly pleasant feel.

The innovative mounting concept of our pulls is unique in its design and distinguishes our products from regular hardware. The aluminum base is implemented in a double layer of high-grade leather and is not visible once attached to the furniture front. The mounting base is attached with two screws to keep the handle stable.

All leather handles are customized from premium materials in our own factory with craftmanship quality - handmade in Germany. The haptic of this leather drawer pulls is pleasantly soft and warm and gives you a smooth feel. You will be impressed!

If you are interested in this furniture handle with smaller dimensions, please take a look at our MILANO-MINI series.

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 Leather Drawer Pulls Series MILANO-PURE

Leather Drawer Pulls handcrafted from vintage leather by minimaro - luxury furniture handles Leather Drawer Pulls MILANO-PURE made of orange brown leatherLeather Cabinet Pulls handcrafted from black leather by minimaro - luxury furniture handles