MILANO-PRESTIGE - Exclusive leather loop with hand-stitched decorative stitching

The furniture handle MILANO-PRESTIGE is an exclusive and high quality leather handle for furniture. The special feature of this model are its two striking, hand-worked decorative seams.

Like any common furniture handle, MILANO-PRESTIGE is screwed to existing handle holes, making it easy and quick to replace with an old furniture handle. The idea for our MILANO handle series was to design a leather handle that is shaped like a leather loop, but whose appearance does not disturb visible fastenings.

MILANO-PRESTIGE from the leather handle manufactory minimaro makes your piece of furniture something very special. This handle is handcrafted in 5 sizes and 38 leather colors. Choose the seam color for this particular accessory and create your own individual grip from over 1000 different variations.

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